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NEWS 2009

 Breeder Of The Year 2009!


Cookie" is # 200!!

At Stockholm International Show 12/12 "Cookie" Junior World Winner -08 
SuCh Hjohoo's Hjour Love Is My Life Got  CC and became Swedish Champion,
Judge breed specialist Jack Watson G.B.

She is the 200:th champion bred by kennel Hjohoo's


5 Best In Show on Russia Kennel Club!!


"Leo" Hjohoo's Hjo're The Love Of My Life
 has been showed 8 times in Russia

All times BOB and BIG ,  5 times Best In Show!

Congratulation Nadia to this fantastic work!

 "Sunny" Hjohoo's My Life Is To Love Hjo Best Of Breed on his first show in Canada

Well done! Ira and Slava


On his first show, "Boogie" Hjohoo's Hjour Kidding
 was BOB, CC  and Junior  Winner
on International Show in Vilnius Lithuania.

Congratulation Jolanta and Boogie to this terrific debut."


What A Tremendous Cow!


Magnus and Marcus did it again.

Another Best In Show

Grand Champion Hoff Roy Rhonda

on Swedish National Show.

Rhonda is going to represent Sweden in Holstein International World Champion  Competition.

Hoff Holstein was also Best Heard,

 in the hardest competition who ever have presented  in Sweden.



Hjohoo's Hjo Are My Sugerplum "Jinty"

BOS and CC In Norway 

Congratulation Janet



New Champion!
Congratulations Tessa and
 Hjohoo's Hjo Give Love To My Life

( father Ch Hjohoo's Hjo Wanna Believe In Life "Sven",
mother Ch Hjohoo's Hjour Loving Knock Me Off "Bertha")

 Seinäjoki Finland 24/10 Judge Marjo Nygård Finland

Finland 25/10 Judge Sergio Capps, Brazil
 Ch Hjohoo's Give Love To My Life
was BOS.


Terrierclub Show Strängnäs 17/10
Judge Benny Blid von Schedvin Sweden

BOB and Best In Show 3
Champion Hjohoo's With Or Without Hjo

BOS Ch Hjohoo's Hjour Unbelievable


Bjuv 12/9 Judge Matti Luoso Finland

Best Puppy Male on his first show,
 Hjohoo’s The Love Of Hjour Life

Best In Show Junior
Hjohoo’s Hjo Are My Gold Nugget


 BOB, Best In Show 5.
Ch Hjohoos Hjour Unbelievable ”Lovisa”

National Show Swedish Kenel Club, Sofiero 13/9
Judge Ulf Bråthen Denmark

From Left BOB, CC Hjohoo’s Hjo Are My Gold Nugget,
 BOS Ch Hjohoo’s Hjour Unbvelievable

12/9 CACIB-Show Leipzig/D
Judges: Mrs. Falk Sievert/D
Hjohoo's As Good As Hjo Are

now he has the last CACIB for International Champion.

Congratulation Monica and

 Hjohoo’s Express Hjourself
Titel : Luxembourger Jugendchampion,
 schweizer Jugendchampion,
 deutscher Kft Jugendchampion,
österreichischer Jugendchampion,
deutscher Klubjugendwinner 09,
schweizer Klubjugendwinner 09,
Middle East European Junior Winner 09,
 Centennial Junior Winner 09

Tånga Hed 30/8

from left BOB Hellebäckens Bellona,
Judge Elisabeth Theodorsson,
BOS Jenneva's Casanova

We had  very successful  weekend in the South of Sweden  !

More info and pictures coming later .

International Show Norway Oslo 15/8
Judge Mona Selbach Norway

Our hotel in Oslo, Holmenkollen

The beautiful view from our room.

Junior Winner and Qualified for Cruft
Hjohoo’s Hjo Are My Gold Nugget

Junior Winner and Qualified for Cruft
Hjohoo’s For Hjour Eyes Only


Qualiefied for Cruft, CC , Cacib,
 and Norwegian Championtitel ,
 BOS Hjohoo’s Hjo Got To Have Fun

International Kennel Club Show in Ronneby 8/8
Judge Peter Wurgatsch Germany

BOB Ch. Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo “Sally”
BOS Caroqs Uzucihi (left)

 National Kennel Club Show In Askersund
Judge Ann Christin Molin Sweden

CC and new Champion
Hjohoo’s Hjo Are One Of A Kind

(From left) BOS Champion Hjohoo’s Hjour Unbelievable
BOB Champion Hjohoo's Having Fun With Hjo


FCI show Lithuania, judge Kari Järvinen Finland

Best In Show puppy, Hjohoo's Hjour Kidding
Congratulation Jolanta !

Worldwinner Show in Stockholm 2008

This photo we got today.
 Behind the camera, Merril Schmitt.

Our lovely bitch
Worldwinner-08-06 Multichampion
 Hjohoo's Hjour Loving Knock Me Off
She was 4, Best Terrier In the mainring.

What a Weekend!!

Cairnterrier Special Show 18/7
Judge Alan Felters GB kennel Landbuck

 Best In Show Puppy

Hjohoo’s Just The Way Hjo Are

Bos -Puppy Carrottail's Mac Murphy

Best In Show Junior

Hjohoo’s Believe In Hjourself

Mimmi and Myran


A happy ”Mimmilutten”


 BOS in Intermediate
Hjohoo’s For Hjour Eyes Only “Duffy”

Best in Show in this class went to my webmasters dog
Cairnstone's Don't  Try To Stop Me  " Pricken "

 “Duffy” on the move ...

Best In Show Veteran
Ch. Hjohoo’s Hjo Make Me Feel Happy

Congrats to Lena and Gerry

 From the left ..
BOS and CC to  Junior World Winner
Hjohoo’s Hjour Love Is My Life

Best In Show
CC and  NEW Champion Hjohoo’s With Or Without Hjo

Hjohoo’s Breeder Group was Best In Show

The critique was following :
“My winners won on heads and showmanship
and it was a pleasure to watch all of them parade
 the showring almost instep. They looked great!”

SHAKE  IT !!! ;-)


Photos Magnus Hoff, Lotta Gustavsson, Pillan Klebo, Monica Johansson

International Show Köping 19/7
Judge Hans Lehtinen Finland

Me and " Ernst "

CC  to Hjohoos For Hjour Eyes Only

Cacib  to Ch Hjohoo’s Having Fun With Hjo.

Photo Kornelia .C

Hjohoo's In Hjour Eyes "Ruby"
CC and Cacib, BOS on her first show.
Lisbon. Judge William Brown Cole. GB.
Congratulation Mario Cabral


International Show in Tvååker 11/7

Judge Sybil Berrecloth GB ( kennel Sybster)
Breed specialist

photo M.J
From left. Ch Hjohoo’s Having Fun With Hjo
BOB CACIB. Handler Mimmi Alin.

Ch Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo “Sally

Swedish Club National Show in Tvååker 10/7
Judge Wim Wellens ,Netherlands

She did it again!

From left Hjohoo’s For Hjour Eyes Only “Duffy” CC and BOB
BOS Miketos Spicy Black Peas

Read the article from the Swedish Kennel Clubs Magazine
" Hundsport Special "
 ( Only in Swedish and a  PDF -file )

Magnus was judging a cow show in Halland

Here is a another article about my job as a professional Cow -Photographer
 from the newspaper  " Nya Lindköpings Tidningen "

 ( Only in Swedish and a  PDF -file )

Jackpot again!

Swedish Kennel Club Show in Borås

Judge, Enrique Mate Duran, Spain

What a debut for our junior bitch ,
CC to Hjohoo’s For Hjour Eyes Only “Duffy”.

 Photo : Bertil Helle'n

From left, CC and BOS Hjohoo’s With Or Without Hjo “Ernst”.
 BOB, Best Terrier-2 Ch Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo “Sally”.

Sally Best Terrier-2 in hard competition.

Photos taken by Mimmi A and Magnus H.

Grand Slam!!

Swedish kennel Club Show
Vänersborg 7/6

Judge Matti Luoso Finland

Back from Germany on his first show
 Hjohoo’s With Or Without Hjo got CC .

CC. to ”Cookie”
 JWW -08 Hjohoo’s Hjour Love Is My Life.

“ Wirrman”
S U Ch Hjohoo’s Having Fun With Hjo

Best Terrier-4
 (Judge Peter Harsanyi Ungern)
Ch Hjohoos I Wanna Be Like Hjo

Tallin 7/6
Judge Birgitta Hasselgren
BOB CC Cacib EEW-09 titel and Qualified for Cruft.
 Hjohoo’s Give Love To My Love.

Lina was also BOS in Finnish Kennel Club Show in Helsinki.
Congratulation to Tessa Silfver.


In Norway
Hjohoo’s Hjo Are My Teddy Bear take CC.
Congratulation Unni Foss

Ch Hjohoo’s I Wanna Believe In Life
Visit Tessa Silfver in Finland for a while.

 Hörby Terrier show 16/5
Judge Grethe Bergendahl Norge
CC to “Buster”
Hjohoo’s Hjo Are Good For Me

Jww-08 Hjohoo’s Hjour Love Is My Life “Cookie”.

 S U Ch SV-09 Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo and Magnus

Kennelclub Show Hässleholm 17/5
Judge Siv Jernhake

CC Champion and BOS
 S Uch Hjohoos Hjo Are Good For Me.
 Congratulation Susanne and Henrik.

BOB and Best Terrier-5 ”Sally” Ch Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo

Photo Mimmi Alin


I'm on the road almost all may, take photo.
So if you will be sure to reach me give me a call on my cellphone.
 Please have patience if I don't answer your mail at once.
Regards from Elisabeth

NEWS 2009


Hjohoo's Give Love To My Life
Did it again!

BOB an CC in Somero  National show 2/5
Judge Marja Salminen Finland

Congratulation Tessa !

International show Aalborg Denmark 3/5
Judge Zvi Kupferberg Israel

CC Hjohoo's Ho Are Good For Me
Congratulation Susanne and Henrik



Internationel Show
Vasa Finland
Judge Irina Poleataeva Finland

Hjohoo's Give Love To My Life
BOB CC Cacib
Best Terrier-2
Judge Tarmo Viirtelä Finland

Congratulations Tessa Silfver

We welcome the SPRING here in Hjo

photo Inger .H 

From the newspaper ATL 

Click on the image to read  the whole article
 ( PDF -file  opens in a new window)

International Show in Wieselburg/Austria 4/4
Judge Rajko Rotner Slovenia

Poker striked again.
Junior CAC

Well done Monika and Mirko

78th International Show in Luxembourg.
Judge Zeljka Fon-Zidar Slovenija

Hjohoo's Express Hjourself "Poker"

Lux Juniorchampion and Junior Best of Breed.

Congratulation Monika and Mirko
Kennel Trumpington


Swedish Winner  2009 Malmö International show 21/3 2009
Judge Tapio Eerola Finland

Hjohoo’s Hjo Are Good For Me

Hjohoo’s Hjo Are Good For Me

JWW-2008 Hjohoo’s Hjour Love Is My Love
 and Magnus in action...


Ch Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo

Ch Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo

From left BOS Miketos Spiecy Black Eyed Peas,
 BOB and Swedish Winner-09 titel ,
Ch Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo

Best Terrier-4

Danish Terrier Show 22/3 Hårlev

Judge David Anderson ,Wales

CC  to Hjohoo’s Hjo Are Good For Me
Congratulations, Susanne and Henrik .
Well done!

Thanks to everybody around the World,
for the nice words about our dogs at Cruft.

Junior World Winner –o8
Hjohoo’s Hjour Love Is My Life
 1:st place Yearling Bitch.

" What a beautiful red brindle bitch, has a super
outgoing personality, typy well balanced head
with keen expression,
 good proportions with nice reach of neck, good
 topline and tailset, moved effortlessly round
 the ring, excellent show girl, alert and
 attentive, pressed hard in the challenge."

Cookie follow her mothers footsteps ...

....she also won Yearling class, 2004 on Crufts...

Internationel, Swedish, Danish, Finnish & Polish Champion
,Swedish Winner-05-06, Nordic Winner-05,
European Winner-06, World Winner-06, Polish Winner-06 World Winner -08
Hjohoo's Hjour Loving Knock Me Off

Like a real Princess, Cookie  was  sleeping  in the bed at the hotel ;-)


BEST OF OPPOSITE at Westminster Show , USA

 Ch Hjohoo's Best Wishes To Hjo

CONGRATS to the owners  Mario Duarte & Victor Malzoni



BROOD BICTH of the Year 2008

CH Hjohoo's Hjour Royal Choice
 CONGRATS  to the owner Kennel Miketo


What A Start Of 2009
Grand Slam 4/1
Judge Liselott Johansson Sweden

Puppy Debut
 Hjohoo’s Believe In Hjourself


A last finish before the ring.

Tom, Member of our supporter club ;-)

CC Cacib BOS
Hjohoo’s Hjo Are Good For Me
Owner Susanne Meldgaard & Henrik Jensen Denmark

 CC & New Champion
Hjohoo’s The Spirit In Hjour Eyes

Ch Hjohoo’s I Wanna Be Like Hjo
BOB and Best Terrier-4

The results of The Day


Judge: Fernando Rodrigues, Portugal

Runner up Best Male both days
 Ch Hjohoo’s Hjo Got To Have Fun

The Spirit In Hjour Eyes

From left BOS Tribuns Only For You.
BOB Hjohoo’s The Spirit In Hjour Eyes.